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Article on the work of Adam Simon, written by Christian Rattemeyer, in OSMOS Magazine
​launching along with selected works at Art Expo, Chicago, April 7-10, 2022

Mind the Gaps
Michele Araujo, Larry Greenberg, Adam Simon, William Stone and Jude Tallichet

OSMOS Address

50 East 1st Street, NYC, 10003

3/6/22 - 4/30/22

 Fridays and Saturdays, 10 – 6




Sharon Butler, Peter Dudek, Steve Hicks, Sheila Pepe, Adam Simon

Platform Project Space

20 Jay Street

#319, Brooklyn, NY,  11201

4/22/22 – 5/21/22

Fridays and Saturdays, 12 – 6


Four Walls

archives to move to the Smithsonian Archive of American Art in Spring, 2022
the Four Walls project, Dissociationism, an art movement at the end of the millennium,

now hosted by, under film and video

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